Hello again!

Long time has passed since my last post.
Computer environment is changing very fast and Facebook is almost taking over all my Blogs and Web-pages.  However, recently, I feel FB is somewhat different from what I first imagined to it.  It is good to share information among close friends.  However, in contrast, blog is more open to public.  I am thinking of re-starting this (hopefully).

Best wishes,

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Sunflower is in bloom

Summer is already started, but the weather is not stable.  However sunflowers on my garden are in bloom.

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Street is getting clean and beautiful

Streets of residential areas in Tokyo have been renewed in these 30 years.  There are almost no dusts or garbages found on the street.  In addition, share of imported cars are increasing in my town.   However, the numbers of apartments houses are still increasing and I am afraid of those buildings becoming slum in a future.

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Home power generator (Solar cell update)

Home solar power generator works fine on the hot and bright days.  This is the same timing when power consumption is very high due to air conditioning needs.  In this sense, home solar power generator will help the overall power requirements.  However, the largest issue of solar generator is its initial cost.  It will be not possible to recover the investment.

iPhone 010-20110515s.jpg

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The season of Iris is just started here.

The season of Iris is started here in Tokyo.   Iris represent May in Japanese Tea ceremony.
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グアムのクリスマスツリー.JPGToday is a Christmas when we are supposed to thank others and think what we can contribute to the society. I am afraid many of us forget the important fact and just spend this day for fun.

We are facing very difficult problems such as Global Warming, local wars and Pandemic. I am sure this Christmas day is a good chance for us to review our life and think of tomorrow.

Best wishes for your peaceful day.

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Long absence

Long time has passed since I decided to keep away from here.  Last year, I cannot help but shut down this blog. Afterward, this blog became a place to announce my home-site updates.

Recently, I checked view-counter and found there are more than 5000 page views a months.  Thanks to all, I will try respond with more frequent posts starting soon.

Thanks again,

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Walk together

Hi All,

Several years have passed since I started this site.  The primary purpose of this blog was the replacement of "What's new" section of my challenge web site.
As time goes by, topics have been extended to cover daily life such as Diary, Restaurant, Hobby and so on.
Thanks to all visitors and friends, I have more than 10,000 page views per month these days, and the number is still growing.

In the three years, I experienced happiness and sorrows.  Many thanks to those who share the idea with me. Unfortunately, unexpected events has happened recently and I assumed this is a good time to review myself my life and the way I go.  I am going to quit diary for a while, but I promise to come back online somewhere on the other side of the net. 

Let's walk together
Here's to the road ahead...

This site will remain as What's new of MBA and CPA challenge.
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This evening, I shivered and depressed when I recognized the fact that I may have done annoying thing.  I do not have an intention to do any bad thing, I rather tried to do my best.  However, I am not good at human relationship due to the lack of delicacy.  I may need mental training to improve myself.

Life is full of splendid thing, but it sometimes brings me a painful fact.
Anyway, I think the only way to recover from the situation is trying harder till the last moments.
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Operation Love, the end of the beginning.

Operation Love was completed this evening.  This is the name of the TV drama “プロポーズ大作戦” that I enjoyed for months.  I have not watched the last episode yet, but the reason I liked this program is the concept of the drama that is emotional and sentimental.  It also relate with the difference between love and friendship.

Do you remember your childhood girlfriend who you have grown up together?  The relationship eventually ceased out without expressing your sincere feeling to her.  Some decades apart, you may meet her and recall good old days.  The TV story was full of fantasy but it suggests we shall better express our true thought without hesitation.

Truth, it may hurt, but it cures.
Anyway, life is full of splendid thing, don’t you agree?
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Rich and Poor

Yesterday afternoon, I skim through many monthly magazines at the office. I glanced interesting articles of rich and poor.  Rich group who earn more than 10 million Japanese yen a year easily drop to poor group.  Poor group is unable to become rich.  There is a social system that rich become richer and poor stay poor.

There are several factors for them to be richer or poorer.  One is mortgage loan and the other is the cost of children’s education.  In total more than 55 million Japanese yen (this is worth one fifth of lifelong earnings) is consumed for outside of daily life.
Furthermore, those who are in their 20th and 30th will need to compete with Asian workers who are willing to take low wage jobs.  They eventually compete with Japanese workers in many aspects.

This suggests that we need to earn professional skills to be competitive in business.
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Seminar at Canadian Embassy

IMAGE_081_QVGA.jpgICT (Information Communication Technology) seminar was held at Canadian embassy this afternoon.  After hour was a cocktail party where I could have enjoyed buffet meals.

One interesting fact is that the entrance of the Embassy is located on the 3rd floor.  This means we have to climb to the 3rd floor first and then down to B2.  Of course, B2 floor is very quiet and no Cellar phone connection available.
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Operation love. restart!

I bought another book of mental therapy how to utilize subconsciousness.  Title of the book was "How to release the mental brake to change one's life."
This is a thin book but contains some interesting suggestions to life.  One important message I understand is continuity.   

I also found a TV drama series named "Operation Love (プロポーズ大作戦)" very fun.  The point of interest for me is a cute actress Masami Nagasawa (Rei Yoshida).  Besides, there is an interesting story of time travel combined. 
Be serious, Rei is about to marry with a promising young university professor, her childhood friend could hardly accept the fact.
To change the life, to marry her, he jumps to the past.  In the film, professor told "it is easy to give up something but continuity is hard. 

The underlying messages of those stories seems the same, believe in yourself and keep trying till the last moment. 

Enjoy your life!
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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 Conference

I found an interesting video about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates interview.  Their conversation, two big guys in this IT age, started with the very beginning of PC era.  The video include a lot of hints and secrets of PC era. 

The size of the video is a bit big (990MB).  Thanks to high-speed Internet, I could downloaded the entire video in 15 minutes.

I am sure this video is interesting and is worth watching.
Its available on iTune US site by free of charge.
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Can you speak English? (英語でしゃべらナイト)

I recorded the last episode of NHK TV program named "Can you speak English? (英語でしゃべらナイト)"   The program actually continues, but the learner members of the program have changed. According to the narration, the program started about four years ago with the old members.  The program is focusing the progress of their English speaking skills.

Anyway, the last episode was a playback of interesting challenges done by learner members.  They were not good English speakers at the beginning, but they eventually improved English-speaking skills. Yumiko Shaku, one of learner member, interviewed an Internationally famous actress, Cameron Diaz, and experienced a lot of difficulty exchanging ideas.  Later, on her second interview with her, she built a good relationship with her.

There is a single message in the program that English is a tool for communication.  Guests from all over the world, most of their first language is not English, suggested we do better speak our own way.  We do not need to be afraid of making mistakes in conversation.  One impressive suggestion was the difference of R and L sound.  Many Japanese student struggle with this issue, but the point is how we can make them different.  Sound is not important.

Thanks to the program, I am proud of using Japanese English.
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Gaijin (foreign residents) connection?

I visited the IT consultation firm yesterday for a greeting.

Of course, they introduced me a lot of interesting new technologies and business models one after another.  During our enjoyable conversation, Gaijin connections in Tokyo became to a topic. What I mean Gaijin connection is those who are living in Tokyo have good communication each other.  It seems they have secret methods to exchange important and interesting information. 

Can we participate for the party?
Yes, just ask someone beside you for the help! 

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Men-only Ballet

IMAGE_031_240x320.jpgAREA English magazine is one of my news source for up to date English topics.  This month (June issue), there was an interesting interview with Grandiva, the men-only comic ballet company.

I first thought the man-only ballet Swan Lake is ridiculous.  As I read along the interview, I found myself very interested in their performance.  It seems Grandiva is very funny and something different.  I feel it is worth watching.
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Walking for Health

IMAGE_019_240x320.jpgThis morning, I took a walk to Meguro Central Post office to receive registered mail.  I found an interesting newspaper named Monthly Meguro in the lobby.  This tabloid newspaper is published by Meguro-city for those who are living in the territory.   There is a full of useful information for English speaking residents such as Japanese Language Classes and Events.

One of their article “Walking for Health” interested me.  It is a proposal of walking adventure (rediscover the area) of nature and cultural assets nearby.

The course crosses my home and so I will try this interesting walk in a near future.
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Countdown timer on the desktop

I recently installed countdown timers on my office PC and home PC desktop.  Every morning, I can check how many days left till my next project target date and my last office day.
This is a good idea to keep schedule on time, as we can hardly follow the plan without clear end.  No excuse, countdown timer is decreasing number every morning.

Next challenge is to rewind the timer?
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The birth-giving machine!

I read May issue of the AERA English magazine and found the article about the comment made by the Ministry of Health, Mr. Yanagisawa. He seems an old-fashioned guy who believes that women are birth-giving machines.

According to the Diamond weekly magazine, recovery of the birthrate does not help decline of Japanese population because women of ages between 15 and 49 are decreasing.  Therefore, Japanese population cannot help but decrease in the future.

I do not mean birthrate decline is OK, but we will need good child-care support. Extended child-care leave and flextime work environments will be good examples that we need to implement.

Those social security systems are base of our good life.
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